Loving this weather

Hi loves!

Having a good day?:)

It’s so hot outside today and I love it, the weather here has been so bipolar this summer it’s unreal. It’s almost 2pm here now, woke up somewhere at 10am and just been cleaning a bit (adult things you HAVE to do when you got your own home) hah.

Anyway, waited for a friend to us to come and get some stuff before I went for a walk. Now i’m just on our balcony having a meal and to think about what to do next!πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Just a nice fruitbowl and some lemon water and i’m good to goπŸ’–

And right, my mother in law and her husband came last night for a visit and had their cute little kitten with them. He’s so cuddly and fluffyπŸ’•i’m in love haha. Hate being allergic though.

Hope you all have a great day/night ,

Xo, thessaπŸ’‹


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