Take a deep breath and enjoy your lifeღ

Hello guys,

I just wanted to come on here to talk a little with you all. I’ve been so bad at blogging this summer, it’s awful.

But here I find myself late at night with my cup of tea, writing a little post for you guys about today.

I woke up early just to fall asleep again (good job thessa). I followed my parents on a trip to our old summer cabin because I haven’t been there much at all since I was a child. It felt nice to be back there, you can just be and not have a care in the world. There is no electricity and just the woods around you and the lake.

We went out with the boat and that’s pretty much what we did all day until we went home. Me and babe have been watching movies now tonight and that’s it. 🙂  I have had a pretty chilled out summer, and at times I haven’t felt so good. So that’s also the reason I haven’t been blogging much. Nothing that special has happened and if it did – I still didn’t blog for some reason. I haven’t just felt like it at all, but I feel it coming back to me, so just wait 😉 .

I will do a small review of the beautybox too soon. So keep an eye up for that one.

But I will end this boring post with a few pictures from today!:)

xo, thessa


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