Hello sweethearts!

I wanted to say good morning, but it’s in the middle of the day now. The time now is 1pm here.

But I hope you’re having a good day/night?:)

I woke up at 10am , just been lazy and watch Youtube and making a list for later when we go to the grocery store.

Had in mind to visit my grandma today before that though. So I’m about to do that soon and do some other stuff after that!

Thinking about taking a walk by the lake later. It’s something with walking by the water, it makes you so calm in both your body and your mind. So relaxing, i love it.

Buuuut, before I do – I’ve got a Q for you guys.

I haven’t almost used makeup at all this summer, cuz I wanted to get a nice tan in my face and just let the skin rest from all the products. And you could think by doing so, my skin would thank me and be fresh and goodlooking. But it is quite the opposite, my skin is acting out and I have tried the most i could think of.

So my question for you is – what do you believe helps your skin best? Do you have any advice for me that i could try?

If you do, please leave a comment below and tell me!:) help a girl out haha.

Okay guys, see you later:)

My breakfast that I did before bed last night;), how nice is it to just go up and the breakfast is already done?👌💖

Xo, thessa


5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Do you have a normal skin routine that you use? A toner and scrub really helps for me. Also, don’t want to sound personal or anything but my skin gets really bad when I’m on my period or about to come on my period. Hope this helps in some way, but my skin is the same ahah, it seems to get worse when I stop using makeup for a bit. I think it’s just the changes to your skin. Great post anyway! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog too xx

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    1. I try to hold on to one, but i like to try new things and this far i haven’t really found “my own” routine yet:/. And it sure doesn’t help that i have a really oily skin. Scrub is something I use sometimes and i had a toner before:) love your advice, will give it a try once more! Haha, it’s okay, you can be personal it doesn’t bother me:). I will check out your blog, absolutely:) xo

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      1. Exactly😩haha. But I try to moisturise it as much as i can, cuz i heard that a overly oily skin is actually a really dry skin. Weird but i guess that’s the reason our skin feels the need to make it way too oily haha..No worries at all!:)


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