Victoria Secret & Valquer❤

These two products is by far some of my favorite products this summer. 

Because the first one is a 2-in-1 wash and scrub from Victoria Secret “sweet & Flirty”. Who doesn’t love smooth skin? Especially in the summer and it smells delicious! 

I also have another bodyscrub from cocoa brown that works wonders! These two products are crazy haha.

And this blue bottle that I got from one of the boxes from glossybox, that’s an Ice Hair mask total repair!

It leaves your hair really smooth and if you have hair like me that gets really tangled, then you will love this one! And i have used this every time i shower and it lasts for so long! And i’m the girl who shower every day, so then you know how long that bottle may last haha!

And it leaves your hair smelling like heaven!! That’s how i would describe it even if it’s not making any sense at all hah. 😉

Oh and the hair mask is cruelty free, how amazing!


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