For the warm days

(Obs. Pictures borrowed from Nelly)

Summer outfits inspiration!! Yaay.. Everything is from

It’s not all dresses ect, but when I look at these I think about cute outfits put together with all these things and the summer vibes gets even stronger haha.

NLYTrend Rib Open Back Polo – works with a lot of different styles:)

You find this one HERE


Sisters Point Gro Jumpsuit – with somewhat deep cleavage but so cute

You find this one HERE

NLYTrend Army Details Pants – I really think these looks so good. Thinking of getting them myself tbh.

You find these HERE


NLYTrend Biker Coat – A really beautiful coat for the summer!

You find this one HERE

  1. 1. Topshop Layered Lace Yolk Crop Top // 2. NLYTrend Floral Frill Blouse // 3. NLYTrend I love it blouse

1. Vila Trenchcoat // 2. Vila VICORY COAT  // 3. Polo Ralph Lauren 2 Btn Pk Blazer

I found so much more, but I feel like it’s already a very long post hah.

I really love those coats though!

xo, thessa


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