Finally weekend

Is it only me or do you also get even more tired when the school/job comes to an end? Like right before semester? I think it’s because I start to relax a little too early haha.

Anyway, how’s your day?

I’ve had a lovely day, went to drive an old friend to the train super early this morning and then got home and to bed again a few hours haha.. After that I went to visit an old colleague at my old job for a while before going back home and just being lazy the rest off the day! Really nice day actually!

Also booked a Spa day next weekend, I am really looking forward to it!

A thing that happen today that wasn’t that good today is the sad terrorattack in Stockholm, when will all this madness stop?! The good thing in this is that when it comes to it , we really take care of each other and I see a lot of people trending ”openstockholm” where it means the ones living in stockholm helps people that can’t get home because of all the traffic being shut down. Open their homes for them and food ect.. That’s what I love in this horrible situation. #Prayforstockholm

That’s all for now,



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