Madlady Sale!

All pictures borrowed from Madlady

Hope you haven’t missed that Madlady have a sale up to 400 SEK ( 45.36 USD ) now, I have been looking at their site for some stuff and this is some of my favorites from there, I noticed that it’s all shirts and stuff that I picked for this post but oh well haha  ;

And also, if you liked any of these, I have linked them down below for you to find these. And by a simple click on their name in the beginning of this post you will get right to their sale.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 Grey Taupe bomberjacket // 5 Blue sweater // 6 // 7

I found so much more than this though, but if i’m gonna share them all with you here I feel like this post would never end haha. So if you want to get new stuff for the spring I think you should head over and look what they have!:)

That’s all for now, xo thessa


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