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Cruelty Free

Hello darlings!

I have one week off school now, so I will just enjoy the time off and start it with a movie date with my babe tonight. Tomorrow we will go out of town for the weekend to go and see my mother in law and her man.

But that wasn’t quite what I had in mind for this post, For some time now I have made my own little research on cruelty free makeup and beautycare ect. Because I love animals too much and don’t wanna go around any longer and be totally ignorant when it comes to makeup and products themselves tested on animals to our ” advantage”. Can we even call it that? Ugh.

I’ve looked around alot and you really need to be critical – as always. But since most places mention the same brands, I gave up and figured it is probably true – Though I have to say I’m still not 100% sure if these facts are correct.

I took help by searching on different brands on where you can search and see if they test on animals or not. Sadly I saw that most of the brands owned by L’Oreal is still testing on animals and there’s only 3 of them that’s not. But then we can’t forget all the good brands that actually do not test on our poor animals and believe me – there’s a lot.

If you wanna check a brand that you use to see how they do, you can do it by a simple click HERE and you’ll come right to PETA and can search for it right away!:)

I will make a list on some of the brands that’s cruelty free and if you come up with ideas of more cruelty free brands – Feel free to tell me and I will get it on the list!:)

And if you want me to make a list in a later post with some that IS testing on animals, feel free to leave a comment below, loves!

Here they are;

Urban Decay
The Body Shop
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Too Faced
Maria Nila

..And the list continues..

(Borrowed pictures from google)

xo, thessa


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