Makeup tutorial

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a lovely weekend and still have!

Hate that weekends go by so fast and I know I have said that one before, but so true haha. Anyway, yesterday I got to do something outside of my comfort-zone. I let my friend make a video of us trying out Paris Berlins foundation, since I have really oily skin she told me this was a good one and that I should try it out. She already had it and one thing led to another and then I got to try it out for a day and really feel if I could see any difference bestween this one and my own. I really liked this natural look she did to the eyes and just a little amount of red on the lips.

She is a fully qualified makeup artist, so I usually go to her for advice and she is also the one who made my makeup when I had dance shows before!

Anyway, if you wanna have a look at the tutorial here it is! 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more to come!


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