Box of January

Here’s the lovely marble box! Got some great products this month and love the marble design!

Got 2 things in this box that I needed, so i’m happy. It’s a oil for my hair called Luam Capirona Oil and a eye cream called Oolution Eye Love. The eye cream is an anti-dark circle and puffiness antioxidant cream, I were going to buy a new cream last week until I saw I already got one here!👍

And there is this Spa To You Face Brush that I’ve had in mind to buy cuz I’ve read so many good reviews off these. And I’m glad I got one here, cuz they’re quite expensive? So gonna try that one now when I clean my face tonight!😇

Then there is this cute little marble-looking eyeshadow that I have not tried yet, maybe I will do that this weekend. It’s so cute and small!

Last but not least, I got a 3D white luxe whitening accelerator from Oral-B. A serum for your teeth after you have brushed your teeth and then clean it off. It’s supposed to help with getting white teeth while it protects your enamel too. 

Xo, thessa


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