This post are gonna be a little bit different but just as important. The topic? Mental Illness.

If you stay and read it all – Thank you!


Today as I looked around on twitter I came across this hashtag ” BellLetsTalk ” and couldn’t keep myself from wanting to look it up and get to know more about it.

And I found out that The Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund is part of Bell Let’s Talk, Canada’s largest corporate initiative dedicated to mental health.

Now, mental health is something I really care about and a topic that is important to me.

Bell Let’s Talk has started a conversation about mental health. They struggle to get rid of the shame when it comes to mental health, a topic that I think is incredibly important for us to talk about just like any other disease. Cuz it is a disease that kills people every day in the world, some doesn’t dare or know how to get help in time due to prejudice and people with lack of knowledge about the subject. For each instagram post, retweet on Twitter with the tag #bellletstalk we will help Bell to contribute 5 cents to more mental health initiatives.

I felt like I couldn’t just ignore to share this, since it’s something people struggle with every day just like every other illness. Unfortunately, not everyone who knows so much about the subject of mental illness and who have a lot of prejudices, or who simply do not know what to say or do to help.

Maybe you have someone close that suffers of mental illness who struggle on a daily basis just to get up and work as a normal person. It’s hard, but just let the person know you’re there and that you reach out a helping hand.

To say ‘cheer up’ to a person with depression is like kicking someone who is already down. It’s not to just cheer up, and that’s where the lack of knowledge comes in. We need to give people more knowledge about this and stop the shame, cuz you shouldn’t need to feel shame cuz of your illness – you should be able to talk about it and get help in time.

If you wanna know more about Bell Let’s Talk, I will leave a link where you find their site > HERE <

xo , thessa


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