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Olive oil in our beauty routine?

Hello loves,

Olive oil – not only is it good to have in our food, it works as a beauty product too.

pic borrowed from google.


As I use to try some new ways to find my beauty rutine, I noticed how someone talked about using olive oil in their skinrutine. I have some problems when it comes to fat skin and I get blemish quite easy, so I tried one of them and put olive oil in my rutine. Alright, I lied – I did a few times and then I forgot haha.

But the thing is I have really fat skin and not only in the T zone, I mean my whole face can look so gross and shiny so it almost looks like I just came out of the gym. So I tried this one with the oil and after I got my face all clean from makeup and other dirt that collects on your face during the day, I massaged a very small proportion of olive oil on my face as the last step before going to bed. Usually when I wash my face it becomes shiny again almost right away * the struggle is real*, and you can only imagine how gross it can feel in the mornings then. But when I woke up I actually felt like my skin had kept being matte and felt much better and looked much better still.

And it works for your feet too, as a beauty rutine for your feet. You can just massage a little on your feet and have it on for a few hours together with plastic bags and then socks so you don’t destroy the clothes and they will feel smooth and nice. And if your going to bed with it, just do the same as before but also have a towel on your bed so your bed doesn’t get destroyed as well.

Fat destroyes fat, and a really oily skin is actually a very dry skin. So even if you feel that you already have oily skin and does not have to moisturize it, it might be a good thing to think about in the future. Dehydrated skin over produces oil.

That’s all for tonight sweeties, sorry for the rambling in the middle haha. Keep your eyes open for the next post that will be a bit more about fashion inspiration for this weather!

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