What I got for christmas

Hello loves,

Here’s some of my christmas presents that I got from my dear family!:)

Not everything (I got , But these I really like, as all the other stuff I got of course! I love those body butter, The first one is the Vanilla Chai bodybutter and I’ve been using it since I got it and it’s almost empty soon 😦 Tried to get one big bottle but it’s sold out haha and I don’t think they will take it in again until next christmas or so. But the other big one in Green Tea I went to change to be honest, because I got that one in another scent in the calendar and didn’t like it so they were actually so sweet and let me change it to whatever I wanted! And I really like this one with Green Tea.

Then there’s a massage….thing that you roll on your back or where ever you need massage. I love it, you can use oil or with nothing on and it feels amazing. Babe got me that one for christmas gift since I have a bad back and need to workout to get it strong again and I have always been standing and walking alot in my jobs that I have had. So massage have been a huge help.

Then I got these books, a makeup book where you get to see many tutorials and get loads of tips. And the other one is about a model who writes about her own story and experience in the modeling industry.

And a box full of tea from my parents since I love tea…Look how cute mom have made the box and then there’s a kind of filter where you have your tea and just let it be in your cup :).

Anyway, time for dinner and later I will go and say hi so cousins, cuz I won’t be with them on new yeat.

xo, thessa


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