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Products from my beauty calendar!

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all had a lovely christmas with your loved ones!

As you see this post will be about what I got in my calendar that I showed you in a earlier post, and I have been thinking of if I really should or not show you. Since there’s many people that don’t have the best times in the christmas holidays. But I made up my mind and felt like showing some of it. Most of it I still have and some I gave away.


So, like you can see it’s most bodylotions and moisturizers cuz that’s most of what they got I believe if you don’t think of all the makeup and bath/perfume stuffs.

1 Is the Frosted Berries Softening body gel-lotion , I actually got a big bodybutter of this one too.

2 Is Fuji Green Tea gel-lotion , this one smells very nice and like all their lotions they give you really nice skin.

3 Is a nailpolish Colour Crush in the shade Almond Kiss , a nice and nude kind of shade.

4 Is a nailbuffer

5 a moisture cream with Vitamin E

6 a nourishing night cream also with vitamin E

7 Oil of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, a nourishing oil to the face apparently to give more luster, flexibility and reduce the signs of aging.

8 and then I got an eyelash curler, eyeshadow brush, eye definer , eyeliner , brow and lash comb.

9 The bodyshop SHEA lip butter.

then I got a hand and nail manicure cream with almond scent, a sleeping mask wich I tried to use but I think it felt weird sleeping with something on your face haha. And with the mask I got Intensely Revitalising  sleeping cream.

I liked this calendar, cuz you get stuff that you wouldn’t think of buying yourself or maybe get something you wanted to have for a while but just didn’t have the money to spend. But a bit boring that I got so many lotions haha,, I gave away a bit to my dear mother too :).


And as I said first in this post! I didn’t do this post to ” brag ” or anything like that. I would never do such thing. I just think it would be a fun thing to do :).


That’s all for now loves,

xo, thessa


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