My weekend routine

Good morning!

Today’s post will be as you saw in the caption ; My weekend routine!

I like to still wake up early in the weekends, because that makes you able to really take time and have that cozy morning where it’s still pretty dark outside. So light some candles and have a nice cup of coffee or tea and make a delicious breakfast. I usually wanna sleep as long as I can on the weeks, so I won’t have time to really sit and have a real breakfast – so that’s a thing I like to have on weekends. But if i’m really tired when I wake up early, I will go back to sleep again if I don’t have any plans, like today!

Then I shower and get my cozy clothes on or if I feel like getting ready right away. And then if I as I said before – don’t have any plans, then I can just have a day inside. Blogging, cleaning or just relaxing. It’s nice to have that feeling of no need to stress.

After a while it gets a bit boring of not doing anything, so if my babe are working and we can’t do something together. I will check what friends are doing or going to my parents for dinner ect. 🙂

Something I really like to do on sundays or saturday nights /mornings, is to have a little ‘me-time’ where I use my mudmask fron NUSKIN and paint my nails and really take care of myself. Because in my work I carry stuff and is very much in water with my hands, which means that my hands become incredibly dry and the nails are not so beautiful.

That’s basically my lazy but cozy and not so  remarkable morning routine haha.

Hope you have a great saturday!


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