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Nails and other things beauty related

It’s almost christmas and new year and today I caught myself missing doing those cute christmas / new years nails I did last year. But since we moved I haven’t figured out how my little nail corner at home should look like and where it should be. There is quite a lot that remains to be done before I can start doing them again. But first of all we will determine a new kitchen and after that I can start playing with the idea of nails and lashes again! 🙂

Right now I look at the various videos on youtube with nails and other beauty related things and I see so much beautiful gels I want! I am a trained lash stylist and nail tech, so once I’m back up and running, it will appear in the blog;).

here are some of the nails I have done, some of them are since I still got trained and some afterwards!

A before and after picture , I think it’s 4 weeks between here.


bloken (28)

And here is lashes I did on a friend of mine


sorry for a long post!

xo, thessa


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