You won’t succeed unless you try*

I looove weekends! To be able to get up and do whatever you want with no stress and have your tea or coffee/breakfast and take your time..

Today I woke up at 7am, but didn’t get up until 8am. Then I went out for a nice walk in the cold morning! It was -6 degreeas, quite cold but felt so good. On my way home I went to the cemetery to watch so that it looked good on my grandfather’s grave. I’m going there again later today to light my own candle. It’s All Saints Day today.

Now i’m just home and have been cleaning our whole apartment haha. But now i’m gonna have my cup of tea and get ready for the day – it’s my birthday today, so I gonna go to dinner at my parents house later tonight to celebrate. 🙂

But I’ve no idea how to do my look for today at all.. Haha the struggle..

Hope you all have a lovely day!
xo, thessa



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