Hey lovelies!

(OBS! All pictures borrowed from Stronger website)

It’s finally the weekend and what could be better than to get you a new post on the blog?!

This week has felt so long but short at the same time, if that’s even possible. Yesterday when I got home I was so tired and it’s starting to get so cold here now too. Got a footmassage from my man and then we just relaxed the rest of the night! And today we have cleaned our apartment so it feels nice and clean again!:)

But now on to what I really wanted with this post. – If you (as me ) are in need of some motivation to keep up the workouts and going to the gym or whatever you wanna do. I believe some nice workout outfits from STRONGER will help!

These are my personal favorites and felt like sharing them with you guys, they’re really popular so I won’t be too surprised if any of you already own any of these haha!:)

I warn you now – this will be a longer post than normal, cuz I wanted to get all the favorites in this post haha.

I will link them all down below!:) .xo

Carrara Sports Bra || Carrara Tights || Carrara Gloves

Snow Leopard Sports Bra || Leopard Tights || Leopard Gloves

Aloha Sports Bra || Aloha Tights

Genesis Tights || Genesis Sports Bra

Granite Sports Bra || Granite Tights

And last these shakers. I love the design on these.

Marquina Shaker || Carrara Shaker

That’s all for now, and if you wanna find other nice stuff on their site – just click HERE !:)


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