Burberry and Marc Jacobs! 

Yaay for samples – sometimes!

Kicks did order a concealer for me, that wasn’t in store.and when you order from there you ger three samples. 

This time I got a perfume from Marc Jacobs that I think is okay and another one from Burberry that smells absolute amazing. So hope P thinks so too cuz it’s for men haha!:)

I all got a sample of Lumene Matt Control Oil Free foundation, so we’ll see if it’s good or not. I have very stupid and oily skin so everything I have tried so far haven’t worked that good. 

– Did you know that oily/really oily skin is actually dry skin? That it makes your skin overproduce oil to your skin. So be sure to keep your skin hydrated!:)

But now to the actual product I did order.

“Studio skin 24 hour waterproof concealer “. Don’t think I have tried This one before. But the old one I normally use isn’t there anymore.

Have you tried this one from Smashbox?


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