Spa Night At Home

Hi loves!

Had a lovely weekend?

I had a footbath and used this bodyshower with oil in it to get my feet smooth, after that I used a scrub to peel of the dead skin – ew. And I had to try out this electric file that we bought before and I have to say it makes a big difference! I haven’t had this smooth and good feet in a while. I needed this since I stand much in my work and my work I had before this! All I have to say is – Take care of your feet!

Then I took care of my nails and took the old nailpolish off and did a new manicure while I also used cuticle oil. Then I used my ‘ Garlic treatment ‘ polish as a base coat before I put this dark beautiful nailpolish! As you may know – Garlic is good for your nails. It helps them get white , strong and beautiful! You can actually use real garlic and massage your nails with it. But I prefer this polish as long as I have it haha. Don’t feel like smelling garlic.

After that I wash my face and used a face scrub before I put this amazing mudmask on!

How does your spa nights look like? 🙂


xo ,thessa


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