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Lovely Saturday

Hello loves,

Had a great saturday? Or maybe yours just started:)?

Anyway, today has been lovely. It started with me going to grandma to say hi, and then me and babe went shopping for food ect and been celebrating my mother all night now. Got home just a new hours ago. It’s 2:17am here now, so will probably go to bed soon!

My look for today; I look way too serious haha.


This is what I used;

A blush in a nice pink shade ( Don’t remember where I bought it since it was when I went to Poland)

Contour kit from makeup revolution                                                                                                    Eyeshadow from makeup revolution in the shades ‘Golden Night’ and ‘Medal’ a kinda goldish shade 🙂 love it

A powder from Lumene

Highlighter from makeup store in the shade Strobe Glow

and my lovely favorite foundation from Clinique. 


For my lips and eyes , I used a lipliner and lipstick from MAC. Don’t remember the shade right now.

And the mascara I got as a gift in my order from kicks! If you haven’t tried it out – Do it! This mascara is reeeally good, you can put as much as mascara as you want and it won’t look messy at all. I think I used 2 layers of it and it makes your lashes so so long and beautiful! 🙂 Will for sure buy that one again.

Okay guys, time for me to stop.

Goodnight, xo Thessa


8 thoughts on “Lovely Saturday

    1. Thank you! I’ve tried and like others mascaras as well. But when it comes to this, it doesn’t fall off at all or look messy for the whole day. and another great thing is that when you wash it off it really goes off all at ones, so you won’t have that black mess under your eyes 🙂

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