Lovely vacation

Hi loves,

Almost been a month since the last update! Totally forgot about the blog on my vacation :o. But I think it was needed too and now i’m back! 🙂

I had a 4 weeks vacation from work, and I had a blast. Been on a wedding, went to a rockabilly party and been with my WHOLE family that not happen very often and just been hanging around with friends and watched the sunrise and sunset on the same night. It is so beautiful! And I went to Stockholm to get my tattoo done!

Hope you all have had an amazing vacation or month over all!:)

I will end this post with a lipstick that I saw on a youtube review or what i’m gonna call it, and I really felt like trying it out! So so beautiful, they have flowers in it and you can’t really see the real color of the lipstick UNTIL you put it on your lips because it is transparent! How cool? haha. It’s called ‘ kailijumei’ 

Picture borrowed from kailijumei < So if you wanna check it out, just click on the name and you will come to their site!:)


time for me to wash the mudmask off and say goodnight!:)

xo, thessa


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