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Scars to your beautiful

Hi loves!

As you look at the caption you may wonder – what do you mean ‘ scars to your beautiful’ ?

I checked around on youtube tonight, which I do frequently to check for new videos of various tutorials etc.

It also appeared a song with an artist called Alessia Cara that I started listening to now this year, really talented girl with a unique voice (according to me). I sat down and listened to it and thought I would surely like it. As soon as she started singing and I read the song’s lyrics, I realized what a strong message this song have, and it’s really a message that I fully stand for.

It’s more or less that you should never be afraid to be yourself and ignore what others think, for as long as you feel good in yourself, it’s the only thing that matters! No one should ever make you feel bad because you are who you are, you are beautiful just as you are and you should never change yourself for someone else. Ever.

I was really excited about this video, and it is a message that is important to spread further, so that’s why I’m sitting here writing this now. If you want to see the video and listen to this great song  I will link it in this post.

Sorry for a long post,

xo, thessa


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