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Midsummer Outfit

Hello sweeties!

As I told you earlier today, I had in mind to share some of my favorites this summer. I came to think of that it’s actually midsummer here in Sweden this Friday! So I started to look for outfits on Nelly, who is happening to have really good sales right now. So I think you should head over to their site and check it out if you find something you want!:)

Here’s my favorite dresses from there and I will name them 1,2,3 ect and that’s where you can find them!:)

Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3 / Dress 4 / Dress 5 / Dress 6 / Dress 7

A tradition we have here at midsummer is that we have a large floral wreath on our head ( if we want to) in the form of different kinds of flowers that you pick and then wind up into a wreath. And I found these, that you can have if you don’t wanna make your own. Simple but I prefer doing my own!:)

1 and 2

All pics are borrowed from and I think you should check it out :).

That’s all for now, I will make sure to better at update this blog. I have said it 100 times before I know haha..

xo , thessa


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