Lazy clothes and tea

Hi lovelies!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Today i’m super lazy, haven’t really been doing much at all today. Laying around on the sofa and watching movies and some youtubers all day. And I can feel it in my eyes that i’ve been way to long in front of the computer haha :/.

Anyways, had a nice weekend with my boyfriend and the other boys. Went out for dinner on the new place called Texas Long Horn. You had to wait a while to get a table but the food was good. After that we went home for a few hours before going to the pub. Had a great time but were quite tired from work and we got home 3am haha.

Today I’m not gonna stress over Monday or anything, I just enjoy being lazy before the new week starts and soon i have my vacation too so.

Keep an eye open and maybe i post a inspiration-post later tonight with some of my favorite summer outfits atm! 🙂

xo, thessa


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