Saturday beauty

Hello sweeties!

Hope all of you have an amazing weekend. I know I do!

Today has been a full day being lazy and just done whatever I felt like! It started with me having plans to go up early so I don’t sleep all day – ended with me going back to bed a few hours anyway haha. I love sleeping in on weekends but at the same time I love having my cozy outfit and just have a nice breakfast and see the sun come up. The struggle is real! Haha.

Anyway, i got up and did a late breakfast before taking a shower and getting ready for the day. Used one of my favorite mudmask from Nu Skin, did my nails ect.

So it was a day full of ‘take-care-of-myself day’ today :). You can never have too many of those!💅💆

Sorry for all the ramble! Haha





xo, thessa


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