Summer nights

Hello loves,

Long time no see, I suck at blogging as always.

But now we have moved into our apartment and could not be more pleased than this! We got a nice view  – and now we finally have a real balcony! So it will it be many cozy days / nights in the sun.

We only had a French balcony where we lived before, so it was easy to feel trapped when it was hot in the summer and we wanted to be able to sit and enjoy in our own private space. So incredibly happy now though the balcony is not the greatest.

I grew up in a big house with large garden and porch / patio. So it was quite a different thing when we suddenly moved to a small apartment. You could say that I’m pretty spoiled in that case haha.

We’ll pack up the last and I have been going around with mom and looking for good furniture and a small greenhouse that I’m going to grow some of my own tomatoes and spices!:)


That’s all for now! Gonna keep enjoy the good weather and try to get better at blogging!

Will leave this post with a picture from Åre, where I went yesterday!




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