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Hello lovelies,

This week is beyond weird weather is dull and it’s only raining  and is gray! Which does not directly get the mood on top and I’m tired, whether I sleep my hours or not. Sometimes you have to get to complain a little too haha.

Is there more of you than I that may be affected by the weather sometimes?

Anyway, Monday began of course with the job. After that, I came home and we packed a bit more for the move, later in the evening I went with a friend who had just become a distributor for Forever Living. We sat there and had a little meeting and got to know a little about the products and tested aloe vera drinks and some creams and body scrubs. As you know, aloe vera is good for the body, and I have been using aloe vera cream when I was in Greece and managed to burn me pretty good. The creams made my hands smooth as a baby’s butt haha.

I got to take some of the products home to test in a few days to see if I wanted to buy one of those.  You may also have seen that there are many people who are doing the C9, which is a 9-day cleansing of the body where people drink aloe vera and some other things. Cleans out toxins that the body needs to get rid of. I am looking to buy one of those and see what results I get from it.

Are any of you doing the c9, what do you think of it? Does it work for you?

Anyway, i’m about to have a cup of tea now and just be lazy before bed!

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