Hey lovelies,

I am the worst of blogging nowadays, but it’s much right now with work and renovation of home and so on. But now I just with a friend, and finally booked our little trip to Stockholm this summer! Yay, I love Stockholm. It is our capital here in Sweden, where all the celebrities go when they’ll have a show here in Sweden and all. This is where it simply happens haha. It is an incredibly beautiful city in itself, very big, and the boat harbor is lovely as it’s a beautiful view, and they have very good restaurants and cafes. Now I just babble as you may notice. But we’re going there anyway, and I’m going to get a tattoo as well when we get there, then we’ll just fully enjoy what the city has to offer!

So yeah, this is the post where I just sit and babble about Stockholm and its beauty haha!

Hope you’re all okay and I will talk to you soon!:)

This pic is borrowed from we heart it! This is one thing that I will go look at this summer. Love these trees.


xo, thessa


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