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How do you wash your face?

I have thought many times on the products and so on that are perfect for just my skin and how I wash my face. It might not be so smart to rub a towel on your face? Still, I forget sometimes and do it anyway, especially in the morning when I’m super tired and not thinking about it. So I thought to share  some stuff that is best to avoid, to keep your skin as fresh as possible. Some things I knew about before, and others I have read about;)

So here it comes.

1. You should always, and I mean ALWAYS wash your hands before you clean your face. Given all stuff you touched through the day, you have lots of bacteria on hands that you then transfer to your face if you don’t start with this.

2. Do not wash your face more than morning and evening, wash your face too often can make your skin produce more oil than necessary and the skin becomes irritated.

3. Wash off makeup before washing your face, otherwise you can not access to clean your pores.

4. Be sure to wash off the soap from your face,  the hairline and nose / chin. Otherwise it will be soap residue and you can get pimples easier.

5. Have lukewarm water instead of hot and dab your face dry!

And last but not least, when you go to bed. Braid your hair or have it in a bun to avoid getting dirt from your hair onto your face at night. ( I’m really bad at this haha)



I have a question for you guys, I’ve been thinking about it for some time now. Should I start a youtube channel? And what would you like me to do? Nail tutorials / makeup / Q&A’s ? 

Leave a comment below if you think I should or shouldn’t haha.

That’s all for now, hope you find it good and I’ll talk to you soon.

xo, thessa


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