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My go to’s – Hairproducts for winter

Hi loves!

Hope you’re having a lovely day!:)

This post will be all about hair and the products for it! In winter my hair becomes pure chaos if I may say so myself. I must take care of it a lot more and it gets super electric! And that’s  the one thing I really hate. So these are my favorite ‘ go to’s ‘ for this winter and have been using it every morning to NOT get my hair electric.

First I use this cream heat spray for when i’m about to dry my hair and don’t feel like damage it more than needed. After I massage that into my hair I spray some of the Sea Salt Spray called ‘ Davines ‘  – Smells like vanilla and I just love it! So I spray that into my hair before blowdrying it to add some volume because my hair is naturally flat and boring. After I finished drying my hair, I’ll take a few drops of the Exquisite Oil and rub between my hands before I pull my fingers through my hair and massaging the oil into the length of my hair. The excess remaining on my hands, I usually draw through all the hair from the top down. Then after that my hair is not frizzy or electric!  And i’m good to go! A plus is that all these products smells amazing!!


That’s my little hair products that I use right now and can’t really be without!

Do you have some special products? do you have any special routine for your hair?



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