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Hi sweeties!

What a week this has been, but now it’s Friday night and I just sit on youtube and check on different makeups and will soon watch a show! Had a real lazy afternoon, love it on Fridays!

Anyways, something I have not mentioned is that I have a gift card for a free class that lasts approximately 15 minutes or something like that. I got it in my latest beauty box, and since that I completely forgot to use the second card I received another kind of lesson, I thought that this lesson I just have to go to. It is a 15-minute teaching on how to do strobing, I personally have not heard much of that at all before and has only been using  regular contour. I came across a video of Kim Kardashian’s channel that came up completely random that was  about just strobing – Perfect opportunity to pop up as well. So if it’s not just me who do not have a clue what it was before, the video will be down below! Fun thing to learn.

Video borrowed from Kim’s channel that you’ll find by click on her name :).

xo, thessa


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