Makeup Revolution

I ordered some more makeup last Thursday because you can never really have too much of it, right? 😉

Anyways, it’s super fast delivery from the site where I ordered from and you get more for the money wich I think is great if you feel like you really need something new like a foundation or powder or whatever. So that’s great.

It took two days to get the stuff  (if we don’t count the weekend ). I received email right after the order that said it was being prepared and the next day it was sent and I got it this Monday. I love it, below you’ll see what I got.

~ A contour palette
~ A concealer palette
~ Eyeshadow palette
~ Three different shades of matte lipsticks
~ A fix spray to make your makeup stay all day

The lipsticks is ;
“Not one for playing games ”
“Their eyes can’t find us ”
“All I think about is you”

I just have to say that I love the colors in this eyeshadow palette. Only used the brown yet, but is completely sold on them all haha.







I took these with my phone so it’s not the best pics but whatever:).

xo, thessa


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