New in – The Body Shop

This Saturday, I went the body shop after we had lunch out. I was in desperate need of a new foundation since mine was almost empty at home, and I have some breakouts right now for some reason ( may have been a little lazy with the skin routine!) So I sadly just don’t feel comfortable to go out without foundation atm. So I bought this one called “Bora Bora “ at the body shop. In the store it felt nice and okay when the woman tried it on me to see what looked best, but now when i’m home and were about to use it this morning I wasn’t so sure anymore. I had makeup yesterday when she tried to see if it match with the one I had on and with my neck, so I didn’t really care right then and there haha. But i’m not sure, I will have to use it more and see what I think of it but at the same time I know! I know that I will go back to my one and only from Clinique 😉 , But the store were closed before I got there yesterday!! haha!

The one thing that was bothering me the most on this is that it does not have the same perfect coverage as the one I use from Clinique.

Anyway, sorry for my long rant on this one haha. Do you use any of the body shop makeup? What do you think of it?


I will need to try this primer that I got a free sample of too 🙂 It’s good for blemished skin too! And the soap I bought smells amazing.


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