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Summer Inspiration

Hello loves.

First of all – I want to tell you I don’t own any of these pics. It’s all borrowed from DmRetro’s website. I just find it important to tell people when you borrow others pictures!:)

As you know, summer begins to come crawling, so what’s better than a post with a little inspiration with summer outfits? I’ll post some of the outfits I like from DMRetro, they have so many great outfits and I love them all to be honest. Sad I can’t buy it all haha.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you also find a favorite here, I will link them all below for you to just click on the links and come right to the outfit that you want to get a better look at!:)

Kardash Pantsuit // Bombastic Jacket // Ofelia Dress

Lace Body // Black Lace Top // GiGi Crop Top // Estelle Body

I made this as a slideshow just to see if that looks good or not haha. I don’t know if I like it yet.

If you remember the gigi dress I show you guys in an earlier post, that’s the same thing I show you now but they’ve done a crop top in the same pattern. Love it! I’ll link it here too if you haven’t seen it before.


Gigi Dress

That’s all for now, hope you all have a wonderful easter!

xo, thessa


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