Find the right foundation for you

Hi lovelies!

As you know, finding the perfect makeup such as the right foundation for your skin. If it’s for dry skin or very oily skin or if you need one in between.

That’s why I have to tell you about the Clinique foundation! 🙂


I have been going back and forth between Clinique, Fit Me, Isadora ect. But I always – and I really mean ALWAYS go back to Clinique, cuz their products are absolutely the best for me and my skin. It covers really good and doesn’t even feels like you have it on! Another plus is that their products has medical ingredients that help your skin with the acne ect. I strongly recommend it for you people that have problem with your skin like I do.

~Does not cause irritation, this is an oil-free makeup that removes rashes and neutralizes redness. Medical ingredients treat existing rash and prevent them from coming back.~

Xo, thessa


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