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Long time no see -review of January products

Hello loves,

I’m not gone! I just haven’t had anything to give you , but now i’m here and here’s my review of the January box.

Lip Glide, Playful Peach
There is a strong color with good durability and consistency, but unfortunately this was not the color for me.

Airbrush Beauty Sponge
I’m pretty new to all this with these beauty sponges, so I have not got the  proper technique yet.
I mostly use brushes but even this now and then. With time I will get more and more used to it I guess.

Holland Park Créme Body Moisturizer
This is truly a wonderful body lotion, you become super smooth and get really soft hands. As for the smell it smells good but a little too strong for my liking.

Gentle Skin Cleanser
This product has become one of the new favorites. It is really what it promises.
Read also that this is a favorite among celebrities and I understand why.
It removes all the makeup residues and you feel super fresh plus the skin does not feel dry afterwards.

Relaxation Drink
Now, this I have more or less already told you about. It has a wonderful fresh flavor and not too sweet. So buy one and enjoy  in the sun this summer !;)

xo, thessa


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