Happiness is the secret to all beauty

Hello, hope you have a great day?:)

Every Thursday is my day off from work, cuz that’s when I’m studying. So today I had a lovely sleep, gone up and had time to use my new mudmask that I purchased. We’ll see if I see any difference in the future, we can always hope !;) Then I fixed breakfast and a good chai latte while I sat down and studied a bit before I could make myself ready for the day! The day has been good and I’ll see an episode of  the show ‘Cold Case’  and then sleep so I can get up tomorrow! It’s Friday tomorrow anyways;).

This is what I looked like today (when I actually was able to fix my hair, I always have it in a ponytail at work.) When it comes to my outfit, it was just plain black skinny jeans with holes in the knees from Gina Tricot and a large hoodie.:)


Gotta love these messy curls.

xo, thessa


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