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January Box and NOA Relaxation

Hello sweethearts!

It’s a late post but better late than never, I will list everything I got and what it is / what it is for. Later, when I tried everything, I will make a review of it. I can reveal now that I took the dark chocolate and Relaxation- drink with me to my lesson that I had today, it must probably be one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever tried indeed!


1. Lip Glide, Playful Peach by MEMEME Cosmetics
” Lip Glide is a superpigmented formula with a matte finish – you get an intense color, with great durability. ”

2. FX Airbrush Beauty Sponge by Nicka K
” Makeup sponge with ergonomic grip for a perfect base. ”

3. Holland Park Créme Body Moisturizer by Royal Apothic
” Deeply moisturizing body lotion that makes your skin smooth and supple. Lactic acid from milk protein gives a light exfoliating effect, while olive oil and vitamins A and E moisturizes, softens and repairs the skin. ”

4. Gentle Skin Cleanser by Cetaphil 
” Gentle Cleanser is Cetaphils most well-known product. Clean skin without disturbing its natural fats. Use with or without water to effectively remove dirt and makeup. ”

5. Relaxation Drink by NOA Relaxation
” Still relaxation beverage that combines modern research with ancient traditions. The active ingredients I-theanine from 15 cups of green tea and melissa contributes to reduced stress and increased focus, without making you tired. ”

I do not know if I really felt a difference after drinking this, but it was incredibly good with a fresh and not too sweet flavor! – A new favorite!

6. Nellie Dellies Dark Chocolate by TOMS ( A bonus product 😀 )
A good and rich 70% chocolate sweetened with Stevia extract from the plant and contains a lot of fiber.

That’s it guys, hope you liked this post and maybe you also use some of these products already or had a taste on this drink? If so, leave a comment below of what’s your favorite or what you would want to try!:)

xo, thessa


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