A good way to end this day

Hi loves,

Today have been all about work, and I feel so tired in my legs and back and over all.. It’s weird, I slept well and all but still so very tired…Can be cuz of the winter and the weather I guess.. I stand all days at work too so haha.

I decided to meet up with a friend for some nice shopping in city after work, we got to a store where they sell loads of different teas and candy and everything really. Smelld delicious there! We got ourself some new tea and I bought roasted almonds after I got a little nostalgic feeling haha, because I have not eaten roasted almonds since I was little so I just felt like try some.

We also took the opportunity to buy some goodies for our makeup bags while we were in town. I feel there is so much more that I need to buy, such as new jeans. But I’m too stingy now that I really have my money haha. I really need to take a visit to the hairdresser too. But I have to wait a little with it and start to pay bills and stuff before I buy anything more.

We are going to take us a snack at a cozy café before we dragged ourselves home again, but it ended up that we bought some coffee and went home to our men and then looked around on different sites with clothes and more makeup haha 😉 . Didn’t buy anything though!

Will end this post with pictures from today:) . The tea called ” Studio 54 ” smells so so good, gonna have a cup of it now and get cozy with a movie before bed.

Night guys!xo


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