The weekend in pictures

Hello love,

it’s already Sunday and I feel like I would be happy if the weekends could be a tiny bit longer? Or just not go by so fast? Today has been all about me and myself..Almost ;). I went for a walk and took the chance to bath in my parents bathtub with these bubbles and all that almost gives a nice massage, it felt good for my back that’s been hurting for a while now. It’s like they have a spa! Super cozy.

Went to my parents house this weekend and just had a cozy familytime. My babe worked this weekend, so what to do home? We celebrated my brother och had a few good dinners and drinks and just enjoyed the weekend over all. Gotta say I love sleeping, I would sleep for days if I could. And the winter is here for real now, it’s super cold that it actually hurts in your legs if you’re out for a longer time haha. But I love it, it’s white everywhere and you’re allowed to have big and superwarm clothes ect. A better reason to just stay inside some days and just enjoy a good movie, blankets , socks and loads of different tea ;).

Anyway, here’s a few pictures that I will end this post with. Hope you had an amazing weekend.. I’m excited to go to a friends house next weekend and have a good time and if the weather allow and the snow is still here – maybe there will be a tour with the scooter!Who knows!

xo, thessa


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