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Chachi Gonzales and some amazing choreograph

Hiii guys!

I have been watching lots of dance choreographs tonight and just felt like I wanted to share them here with you. Maybe there’s someone out there of my followers who’s just as big dance freak as I am.

Even though I don’t dance AT the moment, I have been dancing since I was 11 years old and think I will actually start again. My brain automatically begins to think about different dances when I hear a song I like. I feel like i’m really stupid for taking this ”break”, Dance is life, period. But I always miss to sign up to the dance school I usually go on when I actually go on one, so I just dance when I’m at home by myself mostly haha.

Here’s some videos of one of my absolute favorite dancer ; Chachi Gonzales. Enjoy! If you wanna watch more, just click on the names of the videos and you’ll come to their page:).



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