Cozy during winter

Hi sweethearts!

Hope all is well with you and that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Now that it is winter and cold, what could be cozier than to spoil yourself a little extra in the evening?
I had intended to dedicate this post to give some tips and tell you what I tend to do these cold winter evenings!

1. Light a fire or a lot of candles and turn off all those annoying lamps, I took the opportunity actually to enjoy and light a fire when we went to my mother in law  now for Christmas. I think this may be the ‘icing on the cake’ sometimes. Like sometimes you don’t need more than that!
Sit at the table and play a board game with friends or family.

2. Start a good movie on Netlix that is so incredibly popular now, heat a cup of tea and cuddle down on the couch with a lot of blankets is something that I never get tired off. Whether it is winter or just a gray and rainy summerday.

3. New stuff in your makeup bag is something’s that always nice to have, so what’s better than to take a moment to do a little internet shopping.

1. Have a so-called ” take care of yourself – evening ”

Something I love is to come in after a cold day and take a hot shower or take a hot bath. If one has a bath, you can always let a few drops of bath foam  float in there too, or a bath bomb then it’s just perfect!
On weekends, I usually take most of the time to do a little more for my own sake, like after my shower / bath, I use a facial mask and take care of myself and my skin – all that you feel you do not have the time or energy to do on the weekdays when you come home tired after work and just want to sleep haha. I usually take these ‘take care of myself – days ‘ on Sundays for some reason, don’t know why.

3. Putting on the most comfortable and cozy outfit, that’s something I think can be cozy just that. Just switching  from jeans and work clothes to casual and cozy can be absolutely wonderful sometimes. I recently came across this wedsite Adore Me , who has a lot of sexy and comfortable sleepwear, underwear and so on. You can see some of my favorites at the bottom! After just a little quiz, you have a monthly subscription and can pick and choose over everything from dressing gowns, sleepwear and underwear. I personally love to buy new underwear and found a lot that I liked on the page, new sleepwear and underwear can do a lot, you feel extra beautiful;). Something I think is great is that they also always update the site with their latest designs and new collections with new sexy lingerie !

And last but not least, Inviting friends over a glass of wine and just talk nonsense can also be really cozy!:)

That’s how I think a perfect night in can look for me, How does yours look like? Tell me in a comment below.

xo, thessa


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