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Feeling any christmas spirit yet?

Here I am again guys, with my cup of tea and writing to you all.

I keep trying to ”find” time to bake and getting everything ready for Christmas Eve while I’ll also be wrapping all the presents that I bought. Now it sounds like it’s super stressful for me which is absolutely not true. I’m just the kind of person that always manage to get everything done at the last minute haha. I’ll probably buy Christmas tree tomorrow, later tomorrow I have a nail customer. 🙂

Sorry, this post sounds alot like i’m just talking to myself haha. How are you guys getting ready for christmas / new year?:)

Hope you all have a nice fourth Sunday of Advent, or whatever it is where you are. Thought I would end this post with a picture of what I got in my December box and a picture of the nails I did last week.

xo, Thessa


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