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”New in”

…Kind of anyway, I got these a few weeks back.

It’s only a few weeks to Christmas now, and i’m just getting more excited for each second that goes by. I can’t be alone when it comes to that now ,can I?:)

Anyway, I got me some new foundations that I tried and I must say that I think that sadly enough both are wrong for my skin. And I don’t really like the quality of the FIT ME foundation stick, it doesn’t wanna stay in one place when trying to work with it and it becomes cakey quite fast. Now I just use it as a concealer if I’m not satisfied with the other foundation. I will probably continue to stick to Clinique’s foundation which I think is clearly the best!

Oh well, I got some candles and other things that I got more pleased with ;). Really liked the hair clips and the makeup brushes are really nice to work with :).


Have you tried the foundation stick from FIT ME? And what did you think of it – do you have any tips on how to make it better? 🙂


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