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Create the illusion of longer eyelashes

Hi beauties,

I read this article today about how to create the illusion of longer eyelashes, and I’m gonna write down some of them down below. Maybe you already knew or didn’t. You’ll see :).


Blow out and warm up!
“You can use your hair dryer to blow the heat on the lashes with a view from the bottom upwards.
By doing it this way  you straighten out, warming up, separates and begins a slight bend before the next step.“

Begin at the root!
“bring out your eyelash curler and start to bend closest to the root. Don’t use a curler where it formed a gash in the rubber.
Do not press too hard so your lashes look like the letter L.
The goal is to get a nice curve in profile like a C. Bend therefore easily from the root with the eye open, then move your curler gradually towards the top of the lashes. For each step outward also increases the pressure in the bend and the length of the grip.“

“Naturally, we have more lashes on the outside of the eye. Do you want to create the illusion of a larger eye , use more mascara on the outermost fringes. Here, do not use the top but instead apply with the entire brush in flat mode and work outwards.“

“Let the mascara dry for a minute before you paint the next layer, if your desire is to create the illusion of thicker, more marking lashes.If  you don’t wait  in between, you risk pulling off the mascara you put on before and will not achieve your desire for fuller lashes. “


The article on the lashes; MetroMode
Picture borrowed from Google


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