Christmas feelings

Now is a time where I can really feel I can’t really wait for christmas anymore, I just want it to be here now. It’s still 5 weeks left and I just love it. The feeling of it, snow falling , the smell of the christmas tree in the mornings and  cold weather so you have to get out your cozy sweather and everything. The food and cakes and just enjoy it all and have some quality time with family!

In my family we have always been those who loved to decorate a lot with Santa Claus, etc. I just wanna take all  the Christmas decorations out and start now, when the snow finally is falling haha . 🙂 I wanna celebrate christmas in London sometime to be honest. It always looks so beautiful and cozy there when looking at pictures of it!

How do you celebrate christmas, is your family big, do you go somewhere else or just enjoy christmas at home?:)

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