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Beauty products straight from your kitchen!

What some of you may or may not know already is that almost every beauty product you can do at home by yourself. How good is that? I sat and had a little search about this today and some of these I found today and before. And some of them I already knew about! Found most of it at pineterst:)

Here’s some of the products and what they’re good for;


Lemon Helps against dull and lifeless hair, dandruff, lice and fungal infections of the hair. It also cleans your hair off dirt and grime and add a freshness and shine.

Chamomile tea –  helps in conditioning the hair naturally, helps greasy hair. You can add Chamomile oil with sweet almond oil or jojoba oil and then massaged on the head for best results.


Honey – The chemical makeup of honey gives the substance properties that can speed healing and prevent infection.You can use it as a body scrub, or face wash with baking soda too if you have a sensitive skin.


Coconut OilJust blend it in a mixer and put it in a jar and you’re good to go! You can use it for your hair also as a conditioner and for your lips or cuticles.


Olive OilMakes your feet really smooth and takes away dead and rough skin. This one I have tried and it work wonders for your feet. Either you can massage your feet with oil in the morning (Put on freezer bags, and then a pair of socks) and have over a few hours, where you lie completely still and enjoy watching a film or reading a book – whatever you usually do to relax . Or rub the feet with oil just before you go to bed at night, put on the bags on your feet before putting on socks which you then sleep in! Make sure to have a towel at your feet cuz it can leak oil and it leaves tough stains on your sheets.


Sugar, Olive Oil, HoneyThis blend is a good lipscrub that makes your lips smooth, I tried this just tonight and it felt wonderful. My lips is a complete mess now when it’s cold and they get sore and dry. So this is a good one and a plus is that you can just lick it of your lips 😉 haha.



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