Spent my sunday at Ikea

Hey lovelies!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I can tell you that I had.

Will be a brief summary of my weekend when I was working on Friday until I went home and relaxed a bit before getting ready and refreshed  before dinner out with my babe, his mother and others. Was a pleasant surprise when we went and ate three-course dinner at Samurai. On Saturday we took it just calmly and enjoyed the day as it came, went out for a walk in the cold by the water – How cozy! The only thing missing was a dog, haha.

Today, I went to Ikea with my parents to buy some necessary things to the home of me and babe. So we came home earlier tonight and my  boyfriend had prepared dinner so it was on the table when I came home. How cozy isn’t that  to come home to? 🙂

Now I’ve just relaxed a little, spoiled my face with a mask and a lovely cup of tea. So now it’s probably good night for me, back to reality and work tomorrow!

xo, Thessa

Different pictures from the weekend over all:)

Snapchat-587863787388379245920151114_152828Snapchat-6492298247091164407Snapchat-1619692507864259698  Snapchat-2563300806701031920 Snapchat-2575278339270486796   Snapchat-4614662029204407464 Snapchat-8045259517715260620


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