Makeup – My night routine

We all know that sleeping with makeup is not good for our skin, the skin needs to breathe during the night when it has been exposed to makeup throughout the day and pores become clogged – pimples may occur during the night. I have problem skin, so I make sure to always clean my face and remove makeup before going to bed.

I have no particular routine to be completely honest, this is more or less everything I use;

NEUTROGENA VISIBLY CLEAR – Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash and scrub that helps against oily skin and clogged pores and Garnier cleansing water that I use first just to get all the makeup off with the cotton pads. I know you don’t really need it all, but I feel like my skin feels more fresh after this. I’ve had the garnier for a while and just got the other two. So I haven’t seen too much of a difference yet. And at the end I use a night cream from NIVEA.


How does your night routine look?:)


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